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         - EVA WESTLING -

My professional intention is to offer you my confidential assistance in exploring your past, present and future life, finding and practicing the steps you need on your way towards an increased sense of motivation and meaningfulness, becoming the person you want to be.


Respecting and accepting human incompleteness

in myself as well as in others, at times including a playful

twist, may enable space for the unexpectedly helpful to appear. 


Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT) and Expressive Arts Therapy, I am a native speaker of Swedish, also working in Finnish and English.


Psychotherapist; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; CBT (2014-2018)

Expressive Arts Therapist (2010-2014)

BA of Social Services; Social Pedagogy (AMK, 2010)

Registered Nurse (1994)

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