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Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in psychotherapeutic treatment may help you manage problems by making changes in patterns of thought and behavior.  


The relationship between problems, behavior and thoughts is closely focused on. CBT works by changing a person`s attitudes and behavior, focusing on thoughts, images and beliefs and on how these processes relate to the way emotional problems are dealt with. CBT can be applied to individual- as well as couple therapy.



Expressive Arts Therapy is the use of creative arts in therapy, emphasizing the process of creativity. From a humanistic point of view you are seen as the expert of your life; psychodynamically on the other hand as a constantly growing and developing individual in your surroundings. 

The therapy form can be seen as a creative approach,  observing phenomena connected to your present and past life. The power of the art-making process is explored during a session during which elements of art therapy such as picture making, music and/or creative writing may be used in order to promote insight and well-being.

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