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Psychoherapy                   45 min. / 90€

Evaluative session            45 min. / 90€

Therapy Statement                         / 60€


Payments can be made cash or by e-mail invoice. Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the session are not charged for.

Sessions cancelled too late can´t be subventioned  

by KELA.




Inquiries and booking are preferably made 

by e-mail:​ or 

by text message: 040-66 23 660


I offer KELA-compensatedClient`s share is 32,40€/45 min.) Rehabilitative Psychotherapy: please check for availability.  A medical remittance isn't needed for self-paid Therapy Sessions.

When therapy is paid for by Insurance Companies the client applies for refunds after paid invoices.

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